Auditors at the Crossroads

Keith Johnson, program director for University of Wisconsin Law School's International Corporate Governance Initiative, discusses the crossroads that auditors are at. He suggests that to win the contest for expanded assurance assignments, audit firms might first re-visit the paradigm that underlies their service model. Johnson says the current audit process is backward-looking and focused more on financial data ...

What Behavioral Ethics Means for Compliance and Ethics Programs

The recently published book, Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do about It, provides an overview of behavioral ethics that is both concise but also brimming with intriguing and useful information. Here are some highlights of the must-read publication for all C&E professionals.

Executives: Get Out of the Pro Shop and Onto the Range

Jim Nortz compares being in the business world to being on a golf range in his latest article. He argues that until we recognize that it is the “magician” not the “wand” that matters most, we will not see significant improvement in our “score.”