Ethics & Compliance Forecast For 2012 – Part 2

Our crystal ball of ethics and compliance predictions has never been cloudier than at the end of 2011. Political priorities and public perceptions of institutions are traditionally predictive of the ethics and compliance environment. This year, however, inclement weather has been coming from all corners of the globe. In the absence of clear signals, the […]

Defending Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

A combination of controls incorporated into a “defense in depth” strategy has the best chance of success. Defense in depth provides layers of controls so that if one control fails, others will still be in place to thwart the attack. When employing the defense in depth strategy, it is still important to consider the risk analysis to ensure the ...

Baker Hughes – Behind the Scenes

An April 11, 2007 diplomatic dispatch released by WikiLeaks and published by the U.K. Guardian provides some interesting behind the scenes action that took place prior to the public announcement of the enforcement action against Baker Hughes.