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Ignoring Issues Raised By Cybersecurity Whistleblowers Only Compounds the Problem

2015 continues the trend of expensive and high-profile data breaches. Given both the business costs and the legal liability associated with data breaches, companies need to think twice about how they deal with employees who come forward to report cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Ignoring the issue and lashing out against the potential whistleblower will only compound the company’s problem.

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The State of Whistleblowers

The latest SEC Whistleblower report has been released, and it seems 2014 was a banner year for whistleblower investigations and awards. The number of awards issued was at its highest level yet and the magnitude of those awards on average was larger than ever as well. Given that whistleblowing is way up, employers would do well to ...

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SEC Enforcement and Compliance Priorities: A Renewed Focus on Enforcement and Accountability

The swearing in of Mary Jo White as the new Chair of the SEC ushered in a period of increased vigor in enforcement, along with tougher prosecutorial tactics. And the SEC has already delivered. To spare their organizations from these hard-nosed enforcement actions, it's incumbent upon compliance practitioners to establish and maintain strong controls, policies and programs.

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Labor & Employment: New Cases, Important Rulings

A number of recent rulings from the Supreme Court ought to be dominating compliance practitioners' attention. Here, we have highlights of some of the more significant decisions, on matters ranging from whether staff should be paid for donning and doffing protective gear and when interns must be compensated to employer liability in instances of workplace bullying.

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3 Accidental Whistleblowers (Fired for Doing their Jobs Well)

Whistleblowers can and should be integral forces within our compliance programs, but often they’re dismissed, branded traitors and blacklisted instead. Those who set out to blow the whistle often know they’ll be up against some serious opposition. But what about accidental whistleblowers? They’re just as subject to reprisal.