Transparency International’s Latest Report on Bribery in a Nutshell

This article originally appeared on Professor Koehler’s FCPA Professor website ( and is reprinted with his permission. Transparency International – UK (TI-UK) recently published “Deterring and Punishing Corporate Bribery,” and it is worth reading.  A meaty 93 pages, the document is full of useful information, from U.K. charging issues to corporate criminal liability principles under U.K. law to a […]

A U.K. Friday Roundup

With all the focus on the Senate's FCPA hearing earlier this week, let's take a break and go across the pond for the Friday roundup. Debarment and the Bribery Act, BAE's upcoming sentencing hearing, and Royal interest in the SFO's BAE investigation, its all here.

Water Cooler Links for June 17, 2010

  • June 17, 2010

Among today's Water Cooler stories: Swiss Parliament Approves UBS Treaty, Ends Standoff; Daimler Admits Bribing Ghana Military; Lawmakers Near Deal on Fed Governance.

Bonus Clawbacks Could Become a UK Corporate Governance Best Practice

  • May 4, 2009

by John Russell -- Managing Editor of Ethical Corporation Public outrage at the rewards given to failed bosses could soon force boards to change the way executives are paid. Support is growing among shareholders for measures to stop bonus payments to directors who have driven their companies to the edge. Bonus clawback provisions are a way to do this. ...