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Social Media Week Part II – Sharing in the Compliance Function

According to social strategist and author Bryan Kramer, there are five types of people who share content on social media. Each type can be of value to an organization as it integrates social media into its compliance program. Considering the merits of each type of "sharer" can also be helpful in determining which employees can best help elevate ...

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Social Media Week Part I – Using Social Media In Your Compliance Program

There is a place for social media in your compliance program. Using sites such as Facebook and Twitter to broadcast your company's commitment to compliance can be effective, but apps specific to FCPA and anti-bribery/anti-corruption compliance are also worth exploring. Tom Fox opens the discussion about how to integrate social media into your compliance program.


Tips and Traps in Managing Social Media at Work

The use of social media can be a huge advantage to your company, when done correctly. Without proper limits in place, or forethought, businesses can find themselves in a heap of trouble for actions they take in this realm. Laura Kerekes, Chief Knowledge Officer at ThinkHR, explores how to handle social media intentionally, plus what not to ...

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Social Media: The Challenge of Managing Millions of Friends

For companies, the risks associated with social media use are increasing every day. They certainly include data privacy - once an opinion or piece of information is shared online, it can spread instantly beyond the corporation's reach and control - but also extend to compliance with industry-specific and federal guidelines for communications.


No Fear: How Businesses Can Master Content Development on Social Media

Sharing content on social media requires a bit of strategy in order to be most effective. To really engage the audience, your firm should create "snackable" versions of its material, avoid pitching or selling and put a good deal of thought into how information is shared, where it's posted, and when it's pushed out. Joanna Belbey offers ...


Is Social Media the Next Monitoring Emphasis for the OIG?

This summer, the FDA released guidance on how drug and device manufacturers are to use social media within the boundaries of appropriate marketing practices. It can be pretty tricky to present product benefits right alongside risk information - or respond to misinformation voiced by a third party - in the space of 140 characters. But the OIG ...

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Financial Services to Test the Waters of Social Media Testimonials

Until very recently, social media testimonials or endorsements from clients were strictly off limits to financial advisers. And since consumers mine social media for reviews on all manner of service providers, the financial services industry has been at a bit of a disadvantage, unable to benefit from clients’ shared positive experiences. The industry has earnestly sought guidance ...

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Protecting Proprietary Information

This scenario is built from a real-life experience working for a high-tech company, but it can apply to any organization or situation you might be facing. Apart from tangible physical assets, if we own intellectual property or proprietary information, this issue is relevant.