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OMG! #SocialMedia & #Compliance? ROFL!

Active participation in social media is a business imperative for any organization building its brand, but it's worth mentioning that companies must tread carefully, lest their promotions violate FTC guidelines or their policies and practices leave them exposed. Stories of businesses' social media missteps abound, but compliance and social media use don't have to be mutually exclusive terms.

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Bowing To The Inevitable: Regulators Bound To Scrutinize Hospital Use Of Social Media Tools

While specific social media guidelines may not yet be available from the government, hospitals can nonetheless work with counsel to make sure their approaches to social networking comply with the spirit and letter of applicable regulations to the greatest possible extent. This is a far-better approach than saying, in effect, “We don’t have guidelines yet, so let’s just ignore ...

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Social Media Policies That Keep You Out of Trouble

Have you developed a social media policy? What about training and educating employees about acceptable social media use? If you answered no to either question, you could be in trouble. Recent rulings have emphasized the need for a comprehensive social media policy. In the NLRB’s Report to the General Counsel issued earlier this year, the NLRB compiled a second series ...


Social Media Comments: Make Sure You Investigate Before You Terminate

Social media comes with its risks, but it can also provide significant rewards for companies that are smart about social media. However, it seems that the headlines have been dominated by stories about employers who have fired employees for remarks made on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other sites. Employees who feel they were wrongfully terminated are fighting back. Lindsay ...