reputational harm


Risk Management: Watch Your Stars and Rainmakers

When revenue and results are flowing in, it can be highly tempting not to question the methods used to bring about such success. But as past scandals have illustrated, prizing performance while turning a blind eye to process doesn't work out so well. Be sure you know how and why your stars are doing as well as ...


How’s Visibility in the C-Suite?

For a CCO or compliance practitioner to do his job well, he’s got to have a clear picture of the risks at hand. This is especially critical when it comes to third party transactions. Armed with all the pertinent information at once, he can much more easily spot corruption risks, unusual payments, control violations and other red ...


Volkswagen Manufactures Fraud and Ignites Anger

Volkswagen's emissions scandal will cost the company dearly; knowingly misleading the world about the quality of one of your key products will do that. The company's previously solid reputation is now sullied, but is the damage beyond repair? This scandal certainly (ahem) drives home the importance of a strong ethics and compliance program.


The Microeconomic Perspective on Bribery Incentives

There's no doubt that there are benefits to bribery; if there weren't, corruption wouldn't be such an issue. It's just as plain that the costs of bribery can be great when individuals or companies are caught in the act. Michael Volkov posits that the most rational decision organizations can make when tempted with bribery -- despite the ...

Fresh Perspectives on Managing Reputational Risk

Increasingly, the frontline of management and stakeholder scrutiny is in the area of reputational risk, an advancing force in the hierarchy of key strategic and operational concerns—a business risk taking its place right alongside reporting soundness, product quality, anti-corruption initiatives and competitive threats. Deloitte & Touche's Henry Ristuccia offers new perspectives on managing reputational risk in addition to providing ...