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3 Ways Increased Vigilance on Data Security Can Backfire

More often than not, we find that the weakest links in the data chain are at the intersection between technology and manual process flow. An all-too-common scenario occurs when a company collects confidential information on its vendors, agents and other third parties through a hybrid manual/technological approach. In an effort to help reduce that risk, we’ve gone through our ...

grammy award winning adele teaches compliance lessons

Compliance Rocks: Adele is Phat (And Teaches Compliance Lessons)

I was watching the Grammy Awards show last night and found my love for Adele Adkins thoroughly validated. She is phat. Not “f-a-t” of course but “p-h-a-t” – i.e., urban slang for very attractive or appealing. I know, I know. It’s a really bad play-on-words in light of the unfair controversy over her appearance. I […]

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Integrate the ERM Process with What Matters

Four foundational elements frame what executive management and directors need to consider when implementing ERM – process, integration, culture and infrastructure. We discuss integration below. The relevance of the risk management process increases if it is integrated with core management processes that truly matter. The idea is to integrate risk management with the rhythm of […]