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flight checklist

Replace Seat-of-the-Pants Flying With a More Systematic Approach

Taking to the skies or trying to land without first running through a flight checklist may mean you don't get where you're going at all, but instead wind up somewhere between your departure and arrival destinations, surrounded by plane wreckage. As with piloting an aircraft, leading a company is a complex business and one that requires a methodical, ...

Case Management And Event Notification Systems

Fraud Flashpoints: How Functional Are Your Case Management And Event Notification Systems?

Incident and event notification systems foster real time communication among key business stakeholders when an incident or event occurs. Aside from the primary purpose surrounding event notification, these systems also address a company’s compliance, regulatory or contractual obligations concerning event notification, data (breach) protection, ethics violations, investigations and information protection. Secondarily to the event notification […]


Corporate Fraud: Lessons For Improving Corporate Compliance

Legal requirements are of concern to compliance personnel. But “compliance” as a mantra does not end there. Instead, fraud prevention only begins with legal prohibitions. Stated differently, “compliance” is not a destination. Rather, it is a goal that will evolve as business necessities and circumstances change. Fox Rothschild's David Restaino covers corporate compliance holistically, from the laws that govern ...