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The Government as Shareholder: Governance When Uncle Sam Takes Over

By Jason B. Meyer -- Chair of the Ethics, Compliance, and Corporate Governance Committee of the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association What does it mean to a company, its governance, and its legal and compliance teams, when the government becomes a major shareholder? This article will review this question in theory – what could it mean to have Uncle ...

Water Cooler Links for June 23rd, 2010

  • June 23, 2010

Among today's Water Cooler stories: Reputations don't return when prosecutors drop charges; President Obama gets tough on insurers, releases new regs; and Intel close to FTC settlement.

GE Settles Accounting Fraud Charges with SEC for $50 Million

  • August 5, 2009

Yesterday it was announced that GE would be paying a $50 settlement fine to the SEC in response to a civil suit filed by the agency against the company for accounting fraud. GE is paying the fine, but without admitting guilt nor denying the allegations.

The New SEC Whistleblower Proposal: Make It Fair, Make It Pay, and They Will Come

By Dan Hurson - Senior Partner in the Hurson Law Firm, LLP. Buried deep within the President’s historic new proposals to oversee and regulate the financial markets (“Financial Regulatory Reform, A New Foundation”) is the outline of a provision that garnered no headlines but might well become the most effective new anti-fraud regulation of all: rewarding whistleblowers who disclose fraud ...