Has the Panda Finally Come in From the Cold?

China has long taken an isolated approach to battling corruption. But things appear to be changing. The PRC is becoming an active participant in international law enforcement, striking deals with various nations with regard to extradition, police cooperation and criminal and judicial assistance. So is China merely protecting its own interests, or is there something bigger ...

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Ukraine Signs Anti-Corruption Initiative Ahead of National Elections

The tides may be turning in Ukraine. Anti-corruption measures were signed into effect in May, and the initiative's supporters expect improved transparency, with resulting increases in investment into the country from foreign investors. This comes just as the EBRD predicts a coming economic decline in the country. We'll have to stay tuned to see what happens.


The OECD Scorecard for Australia

It remains a challenge for corporations to balance the ethical demands of regulators with the pursuit of profit. Sustainable growth can be achieved but it requires determination over several years rather than focusing simply on short-term profits and personal remuneration.

oecd phase 3 report

The U.K. OECD Phase 3 Report

The OECD recently released its Phase 3 Report on Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in the United Kingdom. Mike Koehler provides a brief overview of certain issues in the report.


Businesses Push Back Against Brazil Foreign Bribery Bill

In January 2012 Matteson Ellis reported on how Brazil is currently considering an overhaul of its foreign bribery law. In March, he reported that a special committee was created by the Brazilian Congress to analyze the bill made revisions to the draft that bolstered certain provisions. Reports now indicate that Brazilian businesses have begun a significant lobbying effort to ...

facilitation payments vs bribes in walmart case

Does Wal-Mart Have a Facilitation Payment Exception to the FCPA?

In this article Thomas Fox visits the text of the FCPA and other Department of Justice (DOJ) commentary, some enforcement actions, one open investigation involving alleged facilitation payments and offer some guidance to the compliance practitioner on what may or may not constitute a facilitation payment under the FCPA.

Under-Criminalisation of Foreign Bribery in Asia Pacific

Under-Criminalisation of Foreign Bribery in Asia Pacific

Countries signing on to the United Nation Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) are required to enact laws to criminalize bribery of foreign public officials. All of the Asia Pacific countries (except North Korea) have signed the UNCAC, and yet, only a small minority of them have enacted a specific criminal offense covering bribery of foreign public […]

Using the Octagon: Lozier’s Eight Steps to Further Your Compliance Program

In an article published in the Houston Business Journal entitled “Eight Steps to a More Effective Anticorruption Compliance Function,” Chris Lozier, principal at UHY Advisors in Houston and manager of the FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Anti-Corruption Compliance Group on LinkedIn, wrote about the gaps that companies are finding in their compliance programs. To help remedy these ...