Trade Compliance for 2015: Current Issues, Risks and Challenges in Export Controls

It's incumbent on compliance practitioners at multinational corporations to pay close attention to developments in export regulations, as well as sanctions against nations and persons the government deems as risky, whether to our national security or to foreign policy. It's vital that our compliance programs remain nimble enough to adapt to changing risks on the global scale.

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Export Compliance Requirements For The HR Manager? If You Hire Foreign Workers in the U.S., You Bet!

Human resources and U.S. export controls don’t go together, right? Don’t bet on it. If that sounds crazy to you, you might be surprised to find an export compliance requirement, which was slipped into an immigration form last year, causing a bit of confusion inside your HR department. Doreen Edelman and Abbey Baker clarify I-129 export compliance and tackle ...

Compliance Program “Must Haves” for Doing Business Abroad

With "compliance" being the buzzword for corporate executives and legal counsel, there is renewed focus on reducing legal risks when exporting or selling overseas. The key is a robust compliance program that outlines the company's policy as well as various internal procedures to implement the policy and a solid set of documents to evidence the compliance activities at all ...

International Trade Compliance: 6 Basic Products Questions A Company Should Answer (Part II)

On Monday the Thompson Coburn team explored the first three questions that outline the process of gathering the information necessary to understand a product for purposes of international trade compliance. Today they share the final three, where the same methodology may also be used to evaluate supply chain, pricing, and customer and supplier issues.

International Trade Compliance: 6 Basic Products Questions A Company Should Answer (Part I)

The touchstone of any international trade compliance program is the development of a strong and accurate database of the company’s products, services and technology. The ability to gather this information is central to determining classification for export and import purposes, export control requirements, origin and customs valuation. The Thompson Coburn team of Robert Shapiro, Teresa Polino, James Slear and Sean ...