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Records & Information Management: 2015 Risk Perspective

Once upon a time, records and information management was a fairly straightforward concept. Things began to get quite complicated, however, as employees began using mobile devices (often their own) for business purposes. As the size and volume of the data we store has increased, so too have our options for storing it. So many options. ...


Dealing with “Big Data”

With the constant forward march of technology and the ever-increasing popularity of BYOD programs, records and information management gets more complicated every day. Businesses must, of course, ensure they're remaining compliant with applicable regulations, but one aspect of risk management in this department may mean challenging those requirements.

Improving Records Management: What Federal Records Managers Can Learn from the Private Sector

Federal records managers are racing against a ticking clock to respond to a Nov. 28, 2011, Presidential Memorandum calling for the improvement of their records management practices. Fortunately, there is a blueprint for responding to President Obama’s call to action – one proven out by private industry. Iron Mountain's Sue Trombley shares the steps to better records management.