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Heresy in HR

Last month a CEO client contacted me to evaluate Dean, an executive who had come to him through a referral from a trusted source. The man who referred him knows both my client and the candidate and assured the CEO that the two should meet to explore how Dean could work for him. Hold on...


The Importance of HR Compliance

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the importance of human resources and compliance issues. In fact, human resource departments face significant enforcement and compliance risks. In addition, the head of human resources is an important partner on compliance. If a company suffers from weak compliance programs, its human resource department is sure to be a liability ...

ethics matter

Guarding the Slippery Slope: What Can HR Do To Create An Ethical Culture?

Ehics and compliance cannot be seen as “owned” only by the ethics and compliance department. The factors that lead to misconduct, scandals, and safety accidents are within the domain of those leaders in the organization who can influence behavior. And who is better equipped and trained to manage behavior in an organization than HR?

managing human capital risk

Managing Human Capital Risks: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

Because people touch all aspects of an organization, a focus on human capital risk is a very important part of an effective risk management and corporate compliance program. Yet it is also because of this “human factor” – the complex involvement of people in all aspects of the business – that ownership of human capital risk management can end ...