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Two Guys And An Ethics Test

A segment in the movie Courageous provided me with a striking visual image about a man’s ethics. At a point in the movie a young father is told that he is being considered for a job promotion. In the lead-up to this scene, it is obvious that his family’s financial stability hangs in the balance […]

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Want to Build Ethical Culture? Play Up the Middle

Most ethics leaders now cite “building ethical culture” as a major goal of their strategy for program development, and with good reason. Based on data from several National Business Ethics Surveys, the Ethics Resource Center concludes that “ethics risk is most effectively reduced by an enterprise-wide cultural approach to ethics that extends beyond a compliance […]

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What Do Whooping Cough And Ethics Have In Common?

Lately I have been thinking about the Coen Brothers dark comedy Fargo. It depicts a botched kidnap plot that goes horribly wrong leaving a trail of murder and mayhem. One of the main characters in the movie, Margie, is a pregnant police officer who finally succeeds in putting an end to the crime spree. At […]

Ethics and Integrity Best Practices Tool: Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks

  • May 14, 2009

By Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter This featured article is a special CCI presentation of an outstanding ethics and integrity tool produced by Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter entitled Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks. Together, Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter have put together a detailed, organized, insightful, and groundbreaking ethics and integrity tool designed to help organizations “assess and ...