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Export Compliance Requirements For The HR Manager? If You Hire Foreign Workers in the U.S., You Bet!

Human resources and U.S. export controls don’t go together, right? Don’t bet on it. If that sounds crazy to you, you might be surprised to find an export compliance requirement, which was slipped into an immigration form last year, causing a bit of confusion inside your HR department. Doreen Edelman and Abbey Baker clarify I-129 export compliance and tackle ...

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Antiboycott Reporting Requirement Often Overlooked By Exporters

Antiboycott compliance and reporting is often seen as a relic from the past, but Baker Donelson's Doreen Edelman is raising it because it is alive and well and actually more complicated these days because those making such requests have gotten more sophisticated. A company's compliance obligations include a proactive requirement to report boycott requests to the U.S. government. The ...

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The Nitty-Gritty Of An Export Compliance Manual

Now that we’ve talked about improving compliance culture, let’s move to the nitty-gritty. U.S. export laws cover a broad variety of topics and span a range of government agencies, and creating a complete export compliance program can be a daunting task. Let’s break it down into digestible pieces and give you a good framework from […]

Compliance Program “Must Haves” for Doing Business Abroad

With "compliance" being the buzzword for corporate executives and legal counsel, there is renewed focus on reducing legal risks when exporting or selling overseas. The key is a robust compliance program that outlines the company's policy as well as various internal procedures to implement the policy and a solid set of documents to evidence the compliance activities at all ...

U.S. Anti-Boycott Laws Reach To China

A recent anti-boycott investigation of the Shanghai branch of a major U.S. bank serves as an alert to branches and subsidiaries of U.S. companies located in China. Foreign branches of U.S. banks may be unaware that complying with boycotts that are not sanctioned by the United States may violate U.S. law. Such unsanctioned boycotts not only include the Arab ...