data security


How Secure is Your HR Data?

HR is the keeper of confidential information on applicants, employees and clients and the birthplace of policy and a range of interoffice communications, from new HIPAA regulations to the holiday party. Implementing and enforcing a two-tier security approach will guard the most sensitive information in your business without bottlenecking simple communications.


Bitcoin, the Solution to Consumer Data Protection

Several major data breaches have exposed millions of consumers to fraud, and each lapse of security has left us grasping for answers as to how we can better protect ourselves and our data. Many proposed solutions involve increased government visibility into our information and our purchasing habits, but one option in particular offers increased security and the benefit ...


Be a Control Freak When it Comes to Your Enterprise Content

We hold our most valuable possessions under lock and key, safe from criminals who would take them from us. Then why are we - individuals and corporations both - so lax with our data, which if stolen could do us such great harm? Many companies store data with cloud service providers without a great grasp on the ...

watch your step

The Hardest Risk to Avoid

You can't plan for the risks that haven't even crossed your mind. What's often not explored after the fact, though, is why we didn't see issues coming -- shouldn't we have been on the lookout? Isn't that the duty of those of us in risk management? James Bone outlines a more encompassing approach to risk management, one ...

big brother

Corporate Governance in the Era of the NSA

Many of us knew before the Edward Snowden revelations that the government's reach is long, but when it was made clear just how much they truly have access to, it's fair to say that there were chills all around. Regardless of industry, organizations have a responsibility to protect consumer, patient or user data. If we don't know ...

file sharing

Avoid Data Leaks: Make Content Sharing Safe and Compliant

There’s risk enough when information is housed in a single location, but when data is shared between multiple devices – and particularly when files are transferred online – maintaining security becomes far more complex. Follow this guidance when choosing a file-sharing solution for your firm.

target on chest

Protecting Yourself Against Data Breach: Don’t Be a Target

The data breach at Target last November has been widely publicized and widely criticized. The corporation was aware of intrusions in its software, but failed to respond. And the results for the company – one of the nation’s largest retailers – have been disastrous, as evidenced by the tens of millions of dollars the company has already ...

privacy policy

Protecting Proprietary Information

This scenario is built from a real-life experience working for a high-tech company, but it can apply to any organization or situation you might be facing. Apart from tangible physical assets, if we own intellectual property or proprietary information, this issue is relevant.