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Employee Fraud Collusion Puts Companies at High Risk

Half the battle in combating fraud is detecting it early on, and -- as with many white collar crimes -- fraud is rarely carried out by one wayward staff member acting alone. A huge percentage of cases, in fact, are perpetrated by two or more players collaborating together. In order to catch suspicious activity, then, it makes ...

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The Future of Data Analytics: From Cleaning Up the Trash to Managing Risk

Data analytics can be key in predicting fraud, preventing it and minimizing risk. Assuming, of course, that the data being captured is accurate. Herein lies the importance of controls. Without controls in place, you may be working with junk data -- which would ultimately lead to junk decisions. With global mobile data skyrocketing, it's imperative ...

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The 3 Dimensions of Risk

Organizations that have a fairly firm grasp of risk management tend to do fairly well in what James Bone calls the first and second dimensions of risk. It's common, however, for firms to fall short in the third dimension. So what is this third dimension of risk, and how can risk professionals guide their firms into more ...

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Improving Compliance with Data Science

Life sciences organizations face significant challenges with regard to risk management. One solution to minimizing risk may be better “big data” management, including forensic data analytics to mine mountains of data for indicators of fraud or corruption. Competitively speaking, there is immense power in big data...though that must be done with an eye on risk.

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FCPA Compliance Monitoring: Catching the Red Flags

Many organizations overlook their ERP system as a “data-driven” line of defense. It is a transaction-based system that, if properly managed, can assist in preventing corporate failures or capturing illegal activities that can cripple an organization. It’s designed to protect an organization, small or large, private or public, from illegal activity. In the wake of […]

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Continuous Auditing = Continuous Improvement

In recent years, challenges concerning automation, technology risk and operational improvements were often put on the backburner as organizations responded to an all-hands-on-deck need to address Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance requirements. Today, chief audit executives (CAEs), management committees and audit committees are taking action to allocate resources more evenly between compliance audits and operational audits. According […]