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Boards of Directors: Doing Just Half the Job

A great deal has been written about the shortcomings of corporations, with fingers pointed in all directions. Often, the failure is not one of operating performance. In fact, successful near-term operating performance may be masking the greater failure: not building long-term, sustainable value that adds jobs, creates wealth at all stages of the value chain and addresses real challenges ...

Board Issues You Can’t Ignore

A seasoned investor once told Belz Commercialization Consulting Group's Andrea Belz,“Even though business schools teach you that management works for the shareholders’ benefit, in the real world management works to keep management employed.” Cynical, perhaps, but sadly true. As a result, even an engaged board may find that it is unprepared to face significant operational problems, since the most ...

Dubai and Hawkamah To Develop A Corporate Governance Code For SMEs

In recent years, the government of Dubai has arrested and charged a number of senior corporate executives from financial and real estate firms in connection with allegations of fraud and illegal financial transactions. With the objectives of promoting sound corporate governance policies and stable growth, the government of Dubai recently engaged Hawkamah – the regional institute for corporate governance ...

Announcing the CCI Money for Nothing Book Giveaway

  • February 3, 2010

"Money for Nothing" highlights the many corporate board failures we have seen recently and illustrate how they are "ruining American business and costing us trillions." CCI is giving you a chance to receive a free copy of the book.