Ethics and Integrity Best Practices Tool: Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks

This featured article is a special CCI presentation of an outstanding ethics and integrity tool produced by Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter.

Ms. Dubinsky has had her work featured on CCI in the past (here and here) and is the Ethics Officer for the International Monetary Fund. Alan Richter, the founder and president of QED consulting who co-authored Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks in 2007, does ethics and diversity work around the world.

With their shared experience, Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter have a keen understanding of what ethics and integrity best practices are in a global economy and what fundamentals must be in place for organizations to consistently operate ethically and with integrity. This how they define ethics and integrity:

“We define ethics and integrity broadly. Ethics and integrity refer to a commitment to moral thought and actions in all aspects of how an organization is governed and run. Ethics and integrity describe the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ of how organizations relate to their stakeholders rather than the ‘musts.’ We like to draw distinctions between legal compliance and ethics and integrity. Legal compliance describes the necessary and minimum conditions for following the law and avoiding punishment. Legal compliance focuses on what one has the right to do. By way of contrast, ethics and integrity describe the moral choices that individuals and organizations alike may make. A focus on ethics and integrity supports and organization and its employees when operating in an area where the law is not clear.”

Together, Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter have put together a detailed, organized, insightful, and groundbreaking ethics and integrity tool designed to help organizations “assess and measure their progress in making a formal and transparent commitment to ethics and integrity in the workplace.” The Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks are intended to be global in scope because of their “worldwide and incremental applicability.”

As any astute follower of the global business environment is unfortunately well aware, in the wake of scandals across the world, incremental improvement in ethics and integrity focus across all industries is imperative. The ethics and integrity best practices tool created by Joan Dubinsky and Alan Richter focuses on “how individuals treat each other in the workplace, and how their organizations treat them as individuals.” By understanding how global values like integrity offer a through-line that crosses continents, the authors present a tool that can help any organization in any part of the world markedly improve its ethics and compliance initiatives.

Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks focuses on 12 key categories that were derived from expert input from across the globe. These categories are:

  • Vision and Goalsethics and integrity best practices tool - global ethics and integrity benchmarks by joan dubinsky and alan richter
  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal Compliance, Policies, and Rules
  • Organizational Culture
  • Disciplinary and Reward Measures
  • Whistleblowing
  • Measure, Research, and Assessment
  • Confidential Advice and Support
  • Ethics Training and Educations
  • Ethics Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

The categories are broken down into benchmark components, with the most current ethics and integrity best practices defined for each.

Below, you will find a link to open Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks as a PDF. The entire 26-page report has been made available to CCI readers. Included in the report is contact information for the authors, as well as a breakdown of the expert panel that helped contribute to the final product.

We hope each of you will take a look at Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks. Use it as a best practices tool to see how your company stacks up and what opportunities are available to improve your organization’s ethics and integrity programs and policies.

Click here to open Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks

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One Comment

  1. Ronald K SAble
    April 11, 2012

    I am submitting this request to use your ” Benchmarks” in a student exercise in the Business Ethics class I teach at the University of Arizona Eller School. I am not a faculty member, but an adjunct member from the business community here in Tucson. We have a number of international students in the class and I thought it would be a thought provoking aid to their understanding of ethics vs. the law.
    Ronald K Sable
    President, Concord Solutions Ltd
    6561 N Mesa View Drive, Tucson AZ 85718