How to Create Better Proposals

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Sept 20, 2013






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United States



This training on proposals writing will provide the attendees an understanding of what is needed to create a winning proposal and how to identify resources to help them.

Why You Should Attend :

This webinar is designed to highlight key parts of the proposal process to assist your company with the unique skills necessary to increase its probability of winning more work. As the global market becomes more competitive with decreased spending habits, it is critical to have adequate policies in place to create better proposals. Customers have more choices now and you have to be able to explain in clear language why your company is the best fit for the job. To be successful in creating better proposals, your company should:

  1. Use proposals as a way to create awareness and brand recognition.
  2. Learn how to be a responsible and responsive bidder.
  3. Learn how to correctly assemble a team responsible for the technical, management, performance and cost elements of the proposal response.
  4. Offer a complete solution.

This webinar is good for the experienced professional as well as the novice. Those experienced with the proposal process will find this as a good refresher topic. Staff new to the proposal process will gain a better understanding of what is needed to create a winning proposal and how to identify resources to help them as they learn. This webinar focuses on federal government requirements, but also includes helpful tips for commercial contracting.

In this webinar, you will better understand how to use the proposal to gain insight into what the customers wants, as well as how to plan, format and respond in writing. Learn how to write better cost, technical and management volumes and increase the likelihood of a contract award.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • RFP Documents – How to properly read the RFP and make bid/no bid decision, and common mistakes
  • Partners – Do you need a partner? Learn how to contract and secure commitment with your partner
  • Technical Proposal – How to create a proposal strategy, executive summary vs. introduction and how to respond to the proposal (personnel, resources, equipment, supplies)
  • Past Performance References – How to create past performance templates and dbase and keeping your CPARs up to date
  • Cost Proposal – Learn how to prepare a cost proposal and how to break down costs
  • Proposal Delivery/Logistics
  • Debriefing
  • Closing Remarks and Questions