Corporate Compliance Summit – Keystones for Success 2013

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Feb 28. 2013




Keystones for Success 2013


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Keystones for Success in 2013 is complimentary, half-day event will provide you with a fresh new approach to ethics & compliance and show you how an ethical culture and better compliance can drive real performance across your entire organization.

Our keynote speaker is Lisa Bennett Hill, president of Policyscape Consulting and contributing analyst with GRC 20/20. In Lisa’s presentation, “Establishing a Five-Star Policy Program,” she will share her knowledge and experience in developing and managing a world-class corporate policy management program while she was a senior business leader for the enterprise risk management practice at Visa. Policy management has taken on an increasingly important role as a powerful and cost-effective means to meet compliance demands, minimize operational risk, and reduce costs stemming from litigation and regulatory agency scrutiny. Lisa brings deep expertise in corporate policy and process development, knowledge management, business analysis and corporate governance.

The Network’s Clark Bosley (EVP, Global Account Management) will lead a panel discussion that will include perspectives on essential best practices for a successful compliance program and how communicating and managing policies can influence corporate culture. Panelists will include: Susan Bounds, Manager of Ethics & Compliance, AT&T, Yuvonne Ankarberg, Corporate Compliance Program Manager, Dean Foods, Jamie Fishman, General Counsel, Key Energy.

You’ll also hear how technology can help drive adherence to policy across the enterprise using collaborative methods and dimensional data analysis, presented by The Network’s Jimmy Lin (VP of Product Management & Corporate Development) and John Peltier (Product Manager). John will also demonstrate the Network’s Policy Management solution can not only increase the effectiveness of your policy management efforts, but also help you better engage your employees, build a more ethical environment and integrate your compliance data to gain greater visibility across all of the components of your compliance program.