Risk Assessment

Refresher Risk Assessments

Risks change over time. Companies developing C&E plans for 2013 may wish to conduct a refresher risk assessment if they have not done so recently...


A Risk Assessment Thought Experiment

Risk assessment and program assessment are, of course, two different animals. But inside most every risk assessment there is a program assessment struggling to be heard, and the converse is true of every program assessment. Making the most of these connections can be essential to optimizing both functions. There are several ways to do this, and Jeff Kaplan focuses ...


When It’s All About The Money, Even The Money Is Lost

Steve Priest reviews the lessons from the NFL referee fiasco and how it relates to the tragic flaw underlying most of our corporations, the relentless drive to improve profitability. This can be good, but sometimes, usually when arrogance overcomes prudence, people and companies do stupid things in the name of profitability.


Extraterritoriality: A Bane For Global Companies?

As the number of jurisdictions enacting antitrust laws surpasses 100, extraterritoriality (the ability of those outside a jurisdiction to be held liable within the jurisdiction) becomes a significant risk management issue for multi-national companies. Clifford Chance's Timothy Cornell recommends 10 practical steps that a company can undertake to mitigate its risk and reduce its exposure.


Don’t Underestimate Third-Party Risk

When entrusting third-party service providers, organizations must take appropriate measures not only to protect their information assets, but also to ensure compliance with a changing landscape of security and privacy regulations, many of which differ by industry, state and country. Grant Thornton's Warren Stippich reviews special considerations when hiring a third party.