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What Not To Do In a Workplace Investigation

There’s a lot riding on a workplace investigation. One wrong move and the entire investigation could be compromised, negatively impacting the reputation of your organization and increasing the risk of additional lawsuits. Every aspect of a workplace investigation matters, which is why it’s important to plan carefully for each investigation.

handling discrimination complaints at work

Responding to Workplace Discrimination Complaints

Ignoring a discrimination complaint made by an employee might seem like the easy thing to do, but it can also be the easiest way to end up in a lawsuit. It isn’t easy for an employee to raise their hand about discrimination in the workplace. Some people feel that investigating every employee complaint wastes time […]

corporate social media policy

Social Media Policies That Keep You Out of Trouble

Have you developed a social media policy? What about training and educating employees about acceptable social media use? If you answered no to either question, you could be in trouble. Recent rulings have emphasized the need for a comprehensive social media policy. In the NLRB’s Report to the General Counsel issued earlier this year, the NLRB compiled a second series ...

national business ethics survey

A Unique Spin on the ERC’s 2011 National Business Ethics Survey Data

Ethics is especially important in today’s business environment, given the pressure that both employees and employers are feeling as a result of the current economic conditions. According to a recent survey from the Ethics Resource Center (ERC), when it comes to business ethics, there’s good news and there’s bad news. 2011 National Business Ethics Survey […]

conducting internal investigations

Is Your Organization Prepared to Handle an Internal Investigation?

Mastering the art of the internal investigation has never been more important. According to a study by the National Whistleblowers Center, 89.7% of employees who filed a lawsuit against their employer had originally raised the concern internally. Internal investigation can help companies avoid lawsuits – but only if they are conducted properly.


Can You Use That Facebook Post As Evidence in a Workplace Investigation?

People post a lot of information on their social media profiles. Sometimes, tweets, status updates, check-ins and photos can land them in hot water. If an employee off on disability with a leg injury posts status updates on Facebook about jogging through the park, can you use those posts as evidence in an investigation? Using Social […]


Social Media Comments: Make Sure You Investigate Before You Terminate

Social media comes with its risks, but it can also provide significant rewards for companies that are smart about social media. However, it seems that the headlines have been dominated by stories about employers who have fired employees for remarks made on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other sites. Employees who feel they were wrongfully terminated are fighting back. Lindsay ...