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The Saintliness of Burly Sinners

Among leaders, which is preferable: a navel-gazing saint, or a decisive sinner? It's obvious which of the two can be counted on to make things happen. However, a leader’s being able to make the tough calls doesn’t mean she’ll always make the right calls. One mark of excellent leadership is always pursuing excellence without being beholden ...


Has the Panda Finally Come in From the Cold?

China has long taken an isolated approach to battling corruption. But things appear to be changing. The PRC is becoming an active participant in international law enforcement, striking deals with various nations with regard to extradition, police cooperation and criminal and judicial assistance. So is China merely protecting its own interests, or is there something bigger ...


Profitability Crisis: Flagging Consumer Confidence a Key Factor in Revenue Loss

Without credibility, sales performance suffers greatly. Since profitability is sort of central to a company's success, establishing and keeping consumer trust ought to be top of mind for every organization. There are a number of ways to cultivate credibility; chief among them -- and this is a non-negotiable -- open engagement with prospective and existing customers.


Create a Powerhouse

In striving to position your organization as an innovator, a market leader, you've identified several changes that need to be made. But does your company culture lend itself easily to change? Will your leaders allow transformation to take place? Are you willing to take on the risk of abandoning the status quo? To create a ...

compliance and the board

Compliance and the Board: 3 Expert Opinions

As regulatory oversight increases, so does the importance of managing compliance risk. Given its purpose and charge of protecting the company, the Board can't afford to sit idly and leave the task of managing compliance risk entirely to others. No, the Board ought to be taking an active role here. Today, three experts weigh in on ...


Willpower Woes: How a Rotten Resolve Can Hurt You

Success may look slightly different to each of us, but we're all in hot pursuit of it. Whether you have personal goals or professional ones in your sights, willpower will be key to reaching them, and you can take certain steps to strengthening your willpower. When challenges (or people) seem to stand in the way of your ...


Records & Information Management: 2015 Risk Perspective

Once upon a time, records and information management was a fairly straightforward concept. Things began to get quite complicated, however, as employees began using mobile devices (often their own) for business purposes. As the size and volume of the data we store has increased, so too have our options for storing it. So many options. ...


The Dangerous “Cult” of CEO Rock Stars

Despite their loyal followings, rock star CEOs aren't all they're cracked up to be. Personality can only take you so far when your worth is measured by the results you drive. Rock stars tend to be image obsessed, where truer leaders are more self-confident and know the value of collaboration. When we know the traits of ...