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Is Your Corporate Duty Of Care And Loyalty A Duty To Exploit?

Is a businessperson compelled by the duty of care and loyalty to a corporation to authorize or endorse a legal operation, even if it is known that doing so will cause irreparable environmental damage and kill or sicken people? Bausch and Lomb's Jim Nortz thinks there are at least three reasons why the answer to this question is no.


When It’s All About The Money, Even The Money Is Lost

Steve Priest reviews the lessons from the NFL referee fiasco and how it relates to the tragic flaw underlying most of our corporations, the relentless drive to improve profitability. This can be good, but sometimes, usually when arrogance overcomes prudence, people and companies do stupid things in the name of profitability.

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How Do You Spell Success? E-T-H-I-C-S

I am tired of people blaming the recession for their lack of business, stagnation or loss of motivation. The reality is that companies have cash reserves, 90% of the workforce is still employed and the market is recovering. So what and where is your success? It lies within you. Let me share with you a few ideas that might ...

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10 Ways To Measure The Tone At The Top

Management’s “tone at the top” is a critical element of effective internal control and corporate compliance programs. While tone at the top assessments may seem “soft” by the standards of most performance indicators for a compliance and ethics program, compliance executives and boards may find such assessments invaluable in surfacing early warning signs of the […]

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Your Compliance Idea Hits A Brick Wall

Sometimes you just hit the brick wall. You carefully plan a strategy, implement the planned strategy and then measure the results but it falls completely flat. In other words, you hit the proverbial brick wall. So what should happen? Should you be fired for trying something that does not work? Be sent off for a two-year punishment detail at ...

Ethics And Compliance Lessons From Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter

Ethics And Compliance Lessons From Greg Smith’s Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter

The March 14 resignation announcement by Goldman Sachs’ executive Greg Smith is already being widely discussed as an indictment of the business practices of Wall Street in general and Goldman Sachs in particular. Good. Just as the outgoing tide of recession and financial catastrophe exposed underlying problems, the rising tide of stock prices and Wall Street profits hides them. ...