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Two Secrets to Fighting Company Card Fraud

To get ahead of -- or get a handle on -- purchasing card fraud, your company needs a two-pronged approach: a cross-system view of expenses and an ongoing, consistent analysis of card transactions. If left unchecked, credit card fraud can run rampant in your organization. It's astounding how many workers justify risky purchases or blatant p-card misuse...

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From the Arab Spring to Occupy, Corruption 2.0 Rallies the Masses

Political and corporate corruption has long galvanized the general public, but over the past several years, some of the ire that was once focused on organized institutions has begun to be directed at individuals. This is what Alison Taylor refers to as Corruption 2.0, and this trend toward anti-corruption measures at the individual level is worth watching.


Is More Corporate Governance the Answer? (Part 2 of 5)

Glen Jenkins continues his deep dive into corporate governance through the years with today's analysis of some landmark events during the 1970s, brought on by a bank bailout, a corporation's bankruptcy and the Watergate scandal, the impacts of which reached much farther than the White House. Moral failures in each helped to set the stage for today's governance ...

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EY Fraud Survey & Compliance Fatigue: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Ideally, executives will drive home the importance of a culture of ethics both with their words and their actions. However, it's often difficult to do business ethically while maintaining strong financial performance and a competitive edge. When the prospect of satisfying both goals seems impossible, something's got to give. Unfortunately, this is where the justification begins.


Discipline and Rigor in Your Internal Controls

Those seeking to abuse the system will find a way to do it, so it's imperative that companies implement strong internal controls and then continually strive to strengthen them further. Make no mistake, detecting and preventing FCPA violations takes discipline, but initiatives and activities undertaken with discipline generally pay off, don't they?


Fraud and Bribery – They Go Hand in Hand

Bribery doesn't exist in a vacuum. In order for funds to change hands improperly, the bribing party needs access to those funds and a way to disguise how they're truly being used. Meaning: if there's fraud going on in your organization, internal controls are quite possibly lacking and your internal auditing system leaves something to be desired, ...


Tips to Keep the DEA Away

Independent pharmacies have their work cut out for them when it comes to remaining compliant with ever-changing industry regulations. The mom and pop shops known for their personal service are subject to the same standards as their big-box counterparts. Here’s a rundown of DEA red flags and preventive measures to avoid violations.