Bill Singer Wall Street Column

Significant New SEC Ruling: Compliance Officer Slammed Over Emails and Instant Messages

vFinance and former CCO Richard Campanella appealed an SEC administrative law judge's Initial Decision that found that vFinance willfully failed to preserve and promptly produce electronic communications regarding its trading in the securities of Lexington Resources, Inc. ("Lexington"), and that Campanella willfully aided and abetted and was a cause of these violations.

Gross Abuse: Broken PIPEs

In February 2010, BrokeAndBroker reported on the SEC case involving Axiom Capital Management, Inc. As a result of the SEC's August 31, 2010, settlement with Gross's supervisor David Siegel, we have reprinted and updated that article.

Back at Black: Honest Services…indeed!

A number of reporters have asked me about the so-called "honest service" fraud on which U.S. v. Conrad Black et al was indicted, convicted, and which now serves as the basis for his appeal before the United States Supreme Court.