FCPA Compliance

Guidance Round-up

This post provides a roundup of commentary (law firm, individuals, and civil society organizations) relating to this week’s FCPA guidance issued by the DOJ and SEC.

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Why Can’t a Company Go to Trial?

The underpinning of the Justice Department’s criminal prosecutions program against companies is based on a simple premise – a company has to negotiate a pre-indictment settlement to avoid the catastrophe which occurred to Arthur Andersen in 2002....


4 Themes for Implementing ERM

When discussing ERM and how to improve the value it adds to the enterprise, executive management and directors often ask, “Where do we start?” At the heart of this question is the desire for a simple and pragmatic point of view that makes sense in practice. For many companies, risk management has focused on protecting […]


Social Media Comments: Make Sure You Investigate Before You Terminate

Social media comes with its risks, but it can also provide significant rewards for companies that are smart about social media. However, it seems that the headlines have been dominated by stories about employers who have fired employees for remarks made on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other sites. Employees who feel they were wrongfully terminated are fighting back. Lindsay ...