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The Regulatory Landscape: An Interview with Jean-Marc Levy

Maurice Gilbert, CCI Publisher and Managing Partner of Conselium Executive Search, interviews Jean-Marc Levy, President, Ethics & Compliance Solutions for LRN, a leading provider of tools, education and strategic advice that help organizations navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and meet their compliance obligations.


4 Top Leadership Myths

Too often people find themselves leading others without the right experience or training -- and the result is a lot of damage to their people and the bottom line.

Refresher Risk Assessments

Risks change over time. Companies developing C&E plans for 2013 may wish to conduct a refresher risk assessment if they have not done so recently...


When the CEO Says No to Compliance: FCPA Insights from Watergate’s Bud Krogh

Egil “Bud” Krogh, Jr. Mr. Krogh was the Deputy Assistant to President Richard Nixon who also headed Nixon’s Plumbers. The Plumbers was the group initially set up to “plug” the Nixon Administration’s news leaks. As history tells us, its purpose morphed into illegal activities, like the Watergate break-in. Mr. Krogh is a particularly relevant person to comment on the ...


The OECD Scorecard for Australia

It remains a challenge for corporations to balance the ethical demands of regulators with the pursuit of profit. Sustainable growth can be achieved but it requires determination over several years rather than focusing simply on short-term profits and personal remuneration.

The Changing Role of Internal Auditors

Every company knows that its internal auditing function is the lifeblood of its compliance program. Some companies carry that to an extreme by placing the overall compliance function in the auditing department. As we all know, that is a mistake.

John Brown’s Raid and Building Trust in Compliance Programs

October 16 is the anniversary of John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry. For those of you not familiar with this episode of American history, abolitionist John Brown led a raid on the US Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, the raid was intended to foment an armed slave revolt in 1859. Brown’s raid was defeated by a […]