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Stop the Conversation

Everyone wants to “start a conversation" or "join the conversation," but no one actually changes anything, sets a deadline for accomplishing it, defines the tactics that would make sense, or establishes who’s in charge.

Let’s Defend Elitism

We need to rediscover the intellectual confidence to sort out and rank competing values. Fairness is not the same as equality, and equal opportunity at the starting gun does not and should not guarantee equality at the finish line.

U.S. Regulation of Exports and International Conduct: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Compliance

Export control and sanction requirements have been around for years, but now are taking on increasing prominence in the wake of record-setting fines. To follow up previous articles in his U.S. Regulation of Exports and International Conduct series, Foley & Lardner's Greg Husisian provides an overview of the basic economic sanctions compliance best practices that many multinational corporations adopt ...