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Financial Institutions and a Lack of Ethics

Financial institutions have been guilty of a host of transgressions lately, and while the offenses are varied, their causes can be traced back to one key issue: a lack of ethics. Despite the issues being well publicized and having resulted in serious reputational harm, the transgressions continue to pile up. They've failed to grasp that increasing compliance ...

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The Person of the Year: The Chief Ethics Officer

With every changing of the calendar, Michael Volkov names a "person of the year." This year, the distinction goes to the Chief Ethics Officer, as companies are coming to a better understanding of the integral role a culture of ethical behavior plays in an effective compliance program. In fact, many are finding that you can't have one ...


7 Key Actions to Accelerate Your Ethics and Compliance Program

If your ethics and compliance program seems to be dead in the water, don't despair yet. There are several actions you can take first to either launch the program or breathe new life into it. Michael Volkov outlines seven such steps. Follow these recommendations to get the program off the ground and position the organization for ...

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The New Frontier in Anti-Corruption Efforts

Ten years ago, talking about ethics in the context of business was a conversation stopper, much less a global campaign to combat corruption. But the world has been reshaped, as Seidman notes. The two spheres of the personal and professional are no longer clearly distinct and separate in a world that has gone from connected to interconnected to interdependent.


Start Out Your Year With a Resolution to Bring the “C” Word to Work

If you facilitate a discussion among several groups of leaders about the values they hold in greatest esteem and would most want their organizations to reflect and exemplify, you may find something interesting: the same values turn up again and again. This has been Jim Nortz's experience, and each of these key virtues, compassion included, is as vital ...

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The Important Distinction Between Ethics and Compliance

Compliance alone isn't enough, says Michael Volkov. Compliance alone is the bare minimum; fostering an ethical culture takes your compliance program to the next level, requiring little besides commitment. And there's the payoff, of course... employees want to work for companies that operate with integrity, and clients want to do business with ethical organizations.


Curing Ethical Blindness

We all have blind spots, literally and figuratively. This in itself isn't a problem, but failure to acknowledge these blind spots and intentionally check them when making key moves most definitely is. It may be the reason otherwise brilliant business people and leading corporations find themselves on the wrong side of the law, answering for major ethical ...

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To the NFL – Show More Than Ethics, Show Some Humanity

The NFL has been all over the news lately, and it's not for any of its teams' upsets or losses. Not on the field, anyway. Two scandals involving domestic violence -- and the league's treatment of the perpetrators -- have led to public outrage, with many viewing the punishments, initially little more than a slap on ...


Coffee-Shop Talk…Making Confidential Information Public

Upholding confidentiality may mean different things to different people. But when a client's interests and reputation could be affected by making information public, you and your staff had better be on the same page. Even mere witnesses to a breach of confidentiality can bear some responsibility if a problem arises. So what are your options?


Is Your Ethics Training a Band-Aid Approach to an Artery Problem?

When issues arise with your ethics program, you have two options for how to solve them: the quick way and the right way. Be sure that you're not taking a Band-Aid approach to a serious problem. Just as you'd seek out a medical professional to stitch you up after an accident, you ought to enlist a properly ...