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The Saintliness of Burly Sinners

Among leaders, which is preferable: a navel-gazing saint, or a decisive sinner? It's obvious which of the two can be counted on to make things happen. However, a leader’s being able to make the tough calls doesn’t mean she’ll always make the right calls. One mark of excellent leadership is always pursuing excellence without being beholden ... Read More


Free eBook Download: The Art of the Internal Investigation

Conducting an internal investigation in today's risky enforcement environment requires numerous -- if not continuous -- judgment calls. Stakes are high, and answers are never black-and-white. In this free eBook, regular contributor Michael Volkov wields his expertise wisely in this compilation of tactics and expert advice. Read More

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21st Century Organizations and Newsjacking: Is this Ethical?

Corporations and individuals who either insinuate themselves into news stories or report on them in such a way as to capitalize on the events are guilty of newsjacking. You’ve no doubt witnessed this before, though some organizations are subtler than others. But how ethical is this practice, and who determines whether a company is acting ethically? Read More

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No Internal Audit Function? Investors Beware!

The trickiest part of investing is determining WHERE to invest. And while a company's financial performance is top of mind for potential investors, it by no means should be the only factor considered. Remember, corporations taken down by scandals crash and burn from what looked like sure financial footing. Those with an internal audit function are ... Read More

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Leveraging a Global Compliance Network

Compliance officers must rely on partners outside the function to advance their goals -- collaborations with finance or general counsel spring to mind. Leaning on staff without in-depth knowledge of compliance can lead to some potentially serious problems, but the need for partnership remains. So how do you build a global network and maintain a strong compliance ... Read More

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Benchmarking Bribery & Corruption: Compliance Progress & Frustration

This year's Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report was recently released, and the study, authored jointly by Kroll and Compliance Week, left contributing author Richard Bistrong with quite a few burning questions. So how has the plight of the compliance practitioner changed over the past year? Kevin Braine, Kroll's Managing Director of EMEA Compliance, provides clarity. Read More


The Third Man and the Authority of Chief Compliance Officers

Whatever your company's stance on to whom the Corporate Compliance Officer should report, what's not in question is that the CCO must be able to act from a place of authority. Strip the CCO of his power and influence, and your compliance program is bound to fail. Tom Fox walks us through five key indicators that a ... Read More


4 Signs of a Weak Culture of Compliance and Ethics

The merits of maintaining a culture of ethics and compliance are obvious -- and many. And yet some companies devote little attention to ethics and compliance, focusing in stead on financial performance (though the two concepts certainly aren't mutually exclusive). Here are our signs of a weak culture of ethics and compliance. A primer on what ... Read More


Business Leaders Must be Ready to Act When Moral Heroism is Needed

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for professionals to be asked to compromise their convictions. When considering a hypothetical ethical dilemma, most of us probably believe we'd take the moral high ground, but even the most honorable among us can get ensnared in morally questionable schemes. Make sure you know which lines you're willing to cross when your principles ... Read More

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