Willpower Woes: How a Rotten Resolve Can Hurt You

Success may look slightly different to each of us, but we're all in hot pursuit of it. Whether you have personal goals or professional ones in your sights, willpower will be key to reaching them, and you can take certain steps to strengthening your willpower. When challenges (or people) seem to stand in the way of your ... Read More

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Preparing for the Unexpected

Having rapid-response teams in place and prepared for the eventuality of a crisis does more for your organization than simply prime it to communicate quickly with shareholders and the public. Failure to respond and act appropriately in the immediate wake of a crisis could be the kiss of death for an organization. Risk assessment, however, can truly ... Read More


Records & Information Management: 2015 Risk Perspective

Once upon a time, records and information management was a fairly straightforward concept. Things began to get quite complicated, however, as employees began using mobile devices (often their own) for business purposes. As the size and volume of the data we store has increased, so too have our options for storing it. So many options. ... Read More


Medical Device Loans: Transparency is Key to Anti-Corruption

Medical device firms have long loaned hospitals their equipment rent free with the understanding that the institutions will give them a certain amount of business in other areas. While this business model is pervasive in the health care industry and has generally gone unchallenged, it may in fact be a form of bribery. The risks with this ... Read More


Latin America’s Compliance “Circle of Trust”

An effective compliance program is predicated on trust; without employees' trust in their compliance officer, the compliance function is unlikely to be regarded seriously. This is especially true in Latin America, where building strong relationships and engaging staff face to face is of utmost importance. No "tick box" compliance programs welcome here. Read More


6 Steps to Reduce Business Travel Risks

There are some crises you can predict and plan for, and there are some you can't. Surprises such as an earthquake or a sudden medical emergency are stressful enough when you're in the comfort of your hometown -- even more so when you're traveling for business. Companies can prepare themselves for dealing with these crisis, however. ... Read More


The Dangerous “Cult” of CEO Rock Stars

Despite their loyal followings, rock star CEOs aren't all they're cracked up to be. Personality can only take you so far when your worth is measured by the results you drive. Rock stars tend to be image obsessed, where truer leaders are more self-confident and know the value of collaboration. When we know the traits of ... Read More

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Never Tick Off a Redbird

Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the DOJ and the FBI for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros' database. You read that right. One of the National League's best performing teams was after the secrets of one of the worst teams in the League. In a world where successful entities attempt to steal data ... Read More

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