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5 Cloud Compliance Misfires (and How to Avoid Them)

With most organizations having moved past (or at least come to terms with) security concerns around the cloud, compliance is the next step. This piece outlines best practices for achieving cloud compliance, even in highly regulated industries, and touches on the five primary mistakes companies make, from avoiding the public cloud altogether to sacrificing control for reporting (or ... Read More


Improving the I-9 Process, Wherever Your Employees May Be

The workforce is continually evolving, and companies are leveraging remote workers now more than ever. Cost efficient and convenient as off-site staff can be, remote staff can pose compliance challenges for their employers. The process for completing I-9 forms, for instance, presents numerous opportunities for error -- each of which the employer is liable for. Read More


Boards Taking Longer-Term View of Risk Oversight

Boards of Directors are looking farther out when developing their strategic plans, with a majority reporting that their strategy time horizon is at least five years. More and more Boards are factoring macro trends into their planning, and it’s becoming clear that building a strong talent pipeline, proactively reducing fraud risk and strengthening the tone at the top ... Read More


How Secure is Your HR Data?

HR is the keeper of confidential information on applicants, employees and clients and the birthplace of policy and a range of interoffice communications, from new HIPAA regulations to the holiday party. Implementing and enforcing a two-tier security approach will guard the most sensitive information in your business without bottlenecking simple communications. Read More

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Fortitude Factors

Fear may be the biggest single obstacle to success, and it's an indulgence leaders can't afford. Not if they want to be effective, that is. Linda Henman posits that we must replace fear with fortitude, and she outlines what that looks like exactly. Read on to explore these Fortitude Factors -- telltale signs of a leader ... Read More


Terrorism – A Tectonic Shift?

The violence perpetrated on innocent civilians in Paris last week stunned the world. Unfortunately, these acts of terrorism have become far more frequent in recent years. Consequently, the conversation around risk management is shifting. How do we -- as professionals charged with minimizing risk -- respond when the unthinkable happens? Read More

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How to Draft an FLSA-Compliant Settlement Agreement, Part 3

In the first and second parts of this series, we introduced the special rules that federal courts apply when evaluating the legality of privately-negotiated settlement agreements in FLSA litigation and analyzed the permissible contents of the release clause therein. In this final installment, we discuss recent court opinions addressing the permissibility of nondisclosure terms in these agreements. Read More


Attributes of a Great Ethics and Compliance Leader

The best E&C leaders foster an ethical culture in their organizations, but they also realize that tone in the middle is just as important as tone at the top – if not more so. The importance of middle managers in ethics and compliance cannot be underestimated. Pair a finger on the pulse of the company with an inspirational leadership ... Read More


Meet R.I.S.K.: Why Your Next Chief Risk Officer Will Be a “Smart” Robot

The CRO of the Future is almost here. James Bone posits that before long, risk management professionals may be replaced by various “risk intelligent systems knowledgeware,” or RISK, able to process volumes of data in an instant, detect threats and respond to them just as quickly. Technology advances at breakneck speed, and so does our dependence on it to ... Read More

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