October, 2011

Is Your Cyber Beacon Exposing Gaps in Digital Data Security?

Without proper safeguards, executive boards are attractive targets for cyber criminals looking to exploit digital vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive corporate data and intellectual property. To defend against this, boards must examine how their own usage practices may be contributing to greater organizational risk.

U.S. Anti-Boycott Laws Reach To China

A recent anti-boycott investigation of the Shanghai branch of a major U.S. bank serves as an alert to branches and subsidiaries of U.S. companies located in China. Foreign branches of U.S. banks may be unaware that complying with boycotts that are not sanctioned by the United States may violate U.S. law. Such unsanctioned boycotts not only include the Arab ...

Haiti Teleco Case Sees FCPA Record-Setting 15-Year Sentence

Yesterday, in the Southern District of Florida--a district quickly earning the distinction of handing out the toughest FCPA sentences in the country--Judge Jose Martinez sentenced Joel Esquenazi to a record-setting 15 years and co-defendant Carlos Rodriguez to seven years. The previous record for an FCPA sentence was in April 2010 when Charles Jumet was sentenced to a then-record 7.25 ...

Stay Away From These 5 Investigation Interview Mistakes

A lot is riding on the interview component of an internal investigation. Investigation interviews give you the chance to hear both sides of the story and work towards achieving the goals of an investigation. However, if you commit too many investigation interview mistakes, you could end up with a disaster on your hands. Lindsay Walker relays five common mistakes interviewers ...

Ethics: Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk

Global Compliance's Steve Priest narrates a widely told story about Robert Galvin, the second tech legend that died this month, to illustrate the impact that a positive ethical story can have on a company's employees.

A Compliance And Ethics Thought Experiment For General Counsel

Oct. 23 marked the 10th anniversary of the SEC’s Seaboard policy and Nov. 1 will be the 20th anniversary of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations. But notwithstanding these and other well-settled governmental expectations regarding corporate C&E programs, there are still some companies that are operating in a pre-Guidelines mode. In his latest risk assessment column, Jeff Kaplan presents ...

Watts Water: Don’t Get Caught on the (FCPA) Slow Boat to China

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission instituted a cease and desist order again Watts Water Technologies Inc. and one of its employees, Leesen Chang. Compliance nuts and bolts expert Thomas Fox examines the FCPA violations and goes over the lessons learned from the this event.